Treffen is a German word that means “finding” or “meeting” and this is exactly what we are all about: not only a place where you can meet people but also a place where you can find thousands of items from a unique collection.

We intend Treffen to be an interesting and original place where everyone feels welcome. We are a family run business and this is essential to us; we believe this is also part of what makes us different.

Treffen became a reality through the effort and dedication of Liliana Beatriz García, who together with her husband spent years devoted to building this collection.

Treffen has 4 levels:

  • Higher level: this is where the oldest pieces of the collection are displayed. Access to this level is only available with a reservation
  • Street level: this is where you can find the can set collections, barrels, glassware, pictures, mirrors, trays, bottles, banners and many other objects spanning several decades.
  • Intermediate level: here you can find a relaxing mezzanine area with excellent views of the rest of the place
  • Basement level: very similar to our street level, this is a cosy area where you can enjoy a more private setting

The displayed items are just a sample of the entire collection. There are some collectibles which cannot be displayed nor shown properly due to space restrictions (such as coasters, old advertisements, postcards, etc). This is just 30% of the collection! Please ask us if you have any more questions, we would be delighted to help.